Pier & Beam Process

We have found that a project goes most smoothly when we handle the project management.  We can work directly with homeowners, or with architects and designers, to ensure that everyone has the necessary information for successful project completion.

Typical Pier & Beam projects have countless details that need to be addressed from the beginning.  For this reason, it is best to get Pier & Beam involved as early in your project as possible. This allows us to provide input on cost, permitting, scheduling and other factors that could otherwise create delays.

After an initial consultation with Pier & Beam and a decision to proceed, we formalize the relationship with contract.  This contract includes a full scope-of-work for the project, and the pricing is based on the actual cost of work and an appropriate fee. We believe in a transparent process where costs are disclosed to all parties involved. Our contracts also include a written timeline for project completion.

Once the project is underway, we will manage any alterations to the original plans for approval by the owner and/or architect.  We can also facilitate necessary meetings between involved parties to ensure proper communication.

Pier and Beam has designed a project process to provide a clear, stress-free experience for all parties involved.  To find out more, or discuss your project, please contact us today.